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November 2017
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Roundhouse Red IPA from Bell’s Brewery

Roundhouse Red IPA by Bell’s Brewery, Bell’s calls it an India Red Ale but either way it is an amazingly complex Red IPA with a complex malty body and plenty of hoppy citrus and fruit flavors to make it one of my favorite craft beers of 2017. Not only have we gone through two 6 packs recently, it inspired me to brew a recent batch of IRA aka India Red Ale but I did mine as a Red Rye IPA with a nice dry British yeast, malty with a lot of hops which is a great summary of Bell’s Roadhouse Red IPA. According to Bell’s Brewery you should taste and smell aromas of pineapple, peach and citrus which I can more than agree with all those great aromas on top of the toasty caramel malt body. This is by no means a light beer as it has a medium body sitting at 7.5% ABV with an IBU of 50 with a great deal of malt and hops flavors with a major of bonus of locally sourced Michigan honey to help create a smooth, dry finish to an amazingly complex red IPA. If you miss out on this great Red IPA this year make sure to grab a 6 pack or two next year as it is usually released around mid to late September.

Roundhouse Red IPA by Bell's

Roundhouse Red IPA by Bell’s


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