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February 2020
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sixpoint jammer

Sixpoint Jammer Gose Review

Wow another Sixpoint skinny 12 ounce can but this one is a bit of a change compared to any beers currently available from any brewers that I am even aware of. This is based on a very old style that vanished for a while before being revived called a Gose. Sixpoint’s Jammer Gose is based on a style created 100’s of years ago along the Gosse River in Germany and brought to us here in the U.S.A. back in 2011 when Sixpoint met and worked with a German Brewmaster that helped to bring this style back. Just imagine a quality lager with a hint of coriander and the smell of a beach breeze. With the first sip you think you are sitting back at your local beach on a warm Summer day with light salt bite at the front and a mild nip of salt at the end too. My only negative is that once you finish this great quality craft beer the glass has that funky old lager smell that no one really wants to smell so a quick fix is to simply pour another fresh cool glass and relax. If anyone cares about the details this wonderful brew is actually one of the lighter ones for Sixpoint pouring a very light gold almost transparent color at on 4.2 ABV and kicking a very low IBU of 16 which appears to be perfect with that hint of the old salty tang that has a more tart aspect compared to the ever so mild sour notes.

Sixpoint Jammer Gose

Sixpoint Jammer Gose