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January 2020
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Abita Spring IPA Review

For anyone who’s never had an Abita brew they are about 30 miles north of New Orleans and it is almost impossible not to find Abita’s great brews at just about every beer serving establishment within and around New Orleans. I tried their Abita Amber and Purple Haze back before I knew much about beer but I was amazed at how smooth and how great beer could really be. Now days I am tempted to try just about anything and with that said when I saw Abita’s Spring IPA earlier this year I snagged a 6 pack and have snagged a few more sense the first 6 pack as this stuff is great for a nice session-able 6.25 ABV West Coast Style IPA with a great ¬†citrus with a lot of grapefruit flavors, pine and resin from the Centennial and Amarillo hops with a strong bitter kick from the 65 IBUs. This beer pours a beautiful copper color with a mild haze and a lovely white foam head and great head retention. The only negative I think I could say would be that this beer is easily addictive and with a 6.25 ABV it may creep up on you a bit faster then expected. Currently this great beer is priced conservatively and is available at my favorite grocer which makes it even more attractive.

Abita Spring IPA

Abita Spring IPA