All grain beer brewing is easier than you may think
April 2015

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Bitter Reality of brewing all grain beer!

Home Brew Ales

Home Brew Ales

The Bitter Reality of brewing all grain beer is that it is really easy! If you can brew tea or make a simple meal you can brew beer, I promise. Brewing beer really can be very simple and straight forward or it can be as complex as you wish to make it. I strongly recommend jumping in head first doing 1 gallon small batch brews as it is inexpensive and carries a low commitment level so if you screw up the lose is low but if you do a great job you will be left with 8 to 10 – 12 ounce bottles of bliss. Brewing beer is not only easy but it is a great learning experience for everyone involved from beginning to enjoying the finished product. It really can be as easy as Water, Malted Grains, Hops and Yeast but each of those can really have a huge impact on the final product more than most people realize.

The hardest part of brewing beer is keeping everything clean and sterile so if you can handle that you can brew beer. Think how great it would be to first learn how to make beer and then perfect it to a level where you can make the exact beer you’ve always wanted to try or even enjoy on a regular basis. Once you are able to make beer you love it is really easy to duplicate that same beer in larger quantities as long as you can learn to take good notes. The key is keeping everything you do simple but keeping it all clean and documenting every step and the amount of time between them so that you can easily reproduce the same beer again if you find it to be something you want to brew again over and over and of course in large quantities.

One thing I have found that almost no one thinks about until they start brewing beer themselves is just how much you will learn both about beer and about yourself plus a few friends that you allow to be part of this journey. When I first started brewing beer I knew I liked a few styles from Ambers, IPA and Reds but once I began experimenting I quickly discovered I loved Wits, Hefeweizen, Dunkels, low ABV Oatmeal Stouts and Rye everything. The thing most people don’t seem to get is that something as minor as ABV can really make a difference in the taste of beer or even something as simple as a certain grain or yeast can make a huge impact on the taste and complexity of a beer.  A great example would be two people brewing the exact same Hefeweizen but while one is fermented at just over 70 F and the other is fermented at just under 70 F one will carry a great deal of banana esters based on warmth of the yeast while the other will lean towards clove esters based on how cool the yeast was kept during fermentation. Witbiers can be a ton of fun too as they are the perfect beer for adding citrus flavorings and other complimentary flavors like coriander and even peppercorns. Even IPAs can be an endless journey with so many flavors from different hops from around the world which can also be influenced by how much is added and when it is added during the process even if you used the exact same grains and yeast in every IPA you’d be shocked at the differences and complexity created based on timings.

I will try to share everything I learn on my journey to hopefully help you in your journey.