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February 2021

Beer Reviews

Beer reviews

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DIY Stir Plates with Heat for Kveik and Farmhouse yeasts!

DIY Heated Stir Plates for Kveik and Farmhouse yeasts!
Yes, I’ve done this before back in July but from the feedback I got I needed to do it again and decided to show how easy it is to add heat to it too.

These Stir Plates work incredibly well and are very cheap to make and will take you all of about 10 to 20 minutes max to setup. (5 minutes if you are a speed demon with a razor blade and super glue.)

You can do Kveik yeast without heat but personally I’ve found 95 F to be optimal for me compared to my normal 74 F starters. I see faster and significantly better production at the higher temps with my Kveik and Farmhouse yeast starters.

You will need razor blade or good scissors, regular Phillips screw driver, super glue (gel version preferred), left over cardboard from a box.

Dual USB 120 mm fans
The Magnets 12mm x 3mm (Remember thicker is better)
Best deal of stir bars currently Cheap stir bars that work 
A little expensive stir bars but my favorite so far as the extra size seems to help
Razor blades (if needed)
Gel Super glue (cheap)
USB Charger if needed (newer version)
Heating Pad for Heated stir plates

This is hands down the easiest stir plates to make without question. I’ve been using these things for over 3 years now and they work amazingly well and without issues. Inexpensive and very easy to make with just a few items. Yeast stir plates for getting your yeast starters ready for brew day.


15 Norwegian Kveik and Farmhouse yeasts head to head comparisons – Part 1 of 4

15 Norwegian Kveik and Farmhouse yeasts head to head comparisons – Part 1 of 4

I’ve been dying to try all the Kveik yeasts that I’ve purchased most over the past few months but as I am like most people and impatient I’ve come up with doing all 15 that I purchased all at the same time.

I brewed a nice clean straight forward Pale Ale.
15 lbs of 2 Row Pale Malt
4 oz of 60 L Crystal / Caramel malt
1.25 Magnum at 90 minutes – 10.8 Alpha

OG of 1.060
FG – this will be based on the yeast
5.9% abv is estimated based on one of the yeasts.

Here is a list of the yeasts used:
Imperial A44 Kveik (blend of 3 Kveik yeasts)
Omega 061 Voss Kveik yeast
Omega 091 Horninal Kveik yeast
All the other yeasts were purchased from Too Far North Brewing Ebbegarden Kveik yeast
Juggernaut Kveik yeast
Lida Kveik yeast
Wollsaeter Kveik yeast
Framgarden Kveik yeast
Laerdal Kveik yeast
Gausemel Kveik yeast
Torhmodgarden Kveik yeast
Midtbust Kveik yeast
Rivenese Kveik yeast
Raftevold – was substituted with Stranda Farmhouse yeast
Arset – was substituted with Simonaitis Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast

Once this is completed there will be a part 2 for taste and aroma comparisons.


Wicked Weed – Guilty Pleasures Variety Four Pack – Flavored Stouts – Review

Wicked Weed – Guilty Pleasures Variety Four Pack – Flavored Stouts – Review

I don’t normally do videos to review beer but this was a special case and these were amazing.

This is a special release from Wicked Weed out of Ashville, NC
This included: (All were between 8.5 to 9% abv)
Brownie Stout with Chocolate & hemp-like terpenes.
S’mores Stout with Chocolate, Vanilla, & Cinnamon.
Milk & Cookies Stout with Golden Raisins, Cinnamon, & Vanilla.
German Chocolate Stout with Chocolate & Coconut.

They were a bit on the high side for a 4 pack but I do feel they were worth it as they were big beers and amazing stouts. I liked all of them even the Brownie which was a bit strange but the Milk & Cookies was may favorite without question.

If you see this and love stouts you need to grab this as it was worth every drop. #wickedweedbrewing Great job.


Flying Dog – Raging Bitch Clone on Rye – Belgian IPA Imperial – Grain to Glass – Part 2 of 2

This is a tribute to Fly Dog’s Raging Bitch beer. Essentially I found as many clone versions of it as possible to come up with my version of it. I intentionally substituted the first bittering hop addition of Warrior for Columbus as I was out of Warrior. I also added 1 lb of Rye to play on the spiciness of the already spicy brew.

Raging Bitch on Rye – Clone on Rye
5.25 gallon recipe with 90 minute boil – OG 1.0175 FG (estimated) 1.014
Currently this beer is dry hoping but is actually at 1.008 FG which would make this 8.8% by volume.
8 lbs Pale Malt, Marris Otter
6 lbs Pale Malt Belgian 2-Row
1 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt 60L
1 lb Rye Malt 1 oz Columbus (16.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) at 60 mins
0.50 oz Columbus (16.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) at 15 mins
0.50 oz Amarillo (8.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) at 15 mins
0.50 oz Columbus (16.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) at 5 mins
0.50 oz Amarillo (8.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) at 5 mins
5 minute additions:
Added 1 heaping tsp of Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
Added 4 oz cooled wort with 1/4 tsp of Super Moss HB
1 oz Amarillo (8.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) Whirlpool for 10 mins at 150F
1 oz Columbus (16.2% Alpha) (28.3 grams) Whirlpool for 10 mins at 150F Belgian Ardennes – Wyeast 3522
Dry Hop Schedule:
1 oz Columbus Cryo (28.3 grams) 7 Days
1 oz Amarillo Cryo (28.3 grams) 7 Days

Equipment I used to brew this batch of beer:
Jaded Brewing Scylla
Anvil Foundry 10.5 Gallon All-in-One brewing system with recirculation pump kit
Awesome propane burner – Great quality
Five Star Super Moss HB
Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
Gelatin – cheap bulk for clarifying
Hop filter for brewing
Glass Carboy
Plastic Carboy for measuring
Tilt Hydrometer during fermentation
Best Hydrometer I’ve ever used and a great company
Hop filter for dry hopping
Air pumping to help add oxygen to your wort

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