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November 2020

DIY Stir Plates with Heat for Kveik and Farmhouse yeasts!

DIY Heated Stir Plates for Kveik and Farmhouse yeasts!
Yes, I’ve done this before back in July but from the feedback I got I needed to do it again and decided to show how easy it is to add heat to it too.

These Stir Plates work incredibly well and are very cheap to make and will take you all of about 10 to 20 minutes max to setup. (5 minutes if you are a speed demon with a razor blade and super glue.)

You can do Kveik yeast without heat but personally I’ve found 95 F to be optimal for me compared to my normal 74 F starters. I see faster and significantly better production at the higher temps with my Kveik and Farmhouse yeast starters.

You will need razor blade or good scissors, regular Phillips screw driver, super glue (gel version preferred), left over cardboard from a box.

Dual USB 120 mm fans
The Magnets 12mm x 3mm (Remember thicker is better)
Best deal of stir bars currently Cheap stir bars that work 
A little expensive stir bars but my favorite so far as the extra size seems to help
Razor blades (if needed)
Gel Super glue (cheap)
USB Charger if needed (newer version)
Heating Pad for Heated stir plates

This is hands down the easiest stir plates to make without question. I’ve been using these things for over 3 years now and they work amazingly well and without issues. Inexpensive and very easy to make with just a few items. Yeast stir plates for getting your yeast starters ready for brew day.


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